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Designer wall finishes contains of mostly wall glazings and other paint and glaze techniques. It is inspired by Faux Effects Aqua Faux Finishing workshops series. Please click on each image to see a larger photo and brief description or slideshow of the current gallery page. For slideshow of our complete portfolio click on the slideshow icon to your right. Please provide us with a unique pic refference # when inquairing about photos. Thank you.



Metallic Raging


Metalic Raging 2




Frottage 2


Tissue Paper


Tissue Paper 2


Cracked Plaster


Cracked Plaster 2


Diamond Pattern


Metallic Glazing 1


Tricolor Glazing


Metallic Stripes




RL Suede

RL Suede 7


RL Suede 8






RL Suede 9


RL Suede 10






Glazed Metallic Tissue


Glazed Metallic Tissue 2






Glazed Metallic Tissue 3


Metallic Raging 11