Faux Gold Leaf
An inexpensive alternative to time consuming traditional gold leaf gilding. It can transform any ordinary
iron railing into pieces of art.


Italian View Mural
Anna K Studio also specializes in custom murals. Murals can be painted directly on the wall or painted in
our studio on canvas and installed on the wall

Gold Glazed Walls

Gold Glazed Walls
Walls painted with premium quality latex and glazed with Olympic Gold by Modern Masters. All trim
painted metallic gold and skillfully aged with tobocco glaze.


Suede RL
Ralph Lauren casual yet soffisticated signature wall finish. A finish that simulates the supple hand of
brushed suede leather directly from the can. This finish can be tinted in 48 amazing signature colors.


Walls finished in reflective lusterstone plaster. LusterStoneâ„¢ is a decorative architectural trowel-on coating
which produces a number of beautiful dimensional but smooth finishes. Available in 40 beautiful colors.


Metallic Accents
An amazing transformation of an original 1920's Ford Family House in Grosse Pointe. Brought back to
beauty and functionality by Anna K Studio, the room serves as a movie theatre and entertaintment room.


Multi Color Glazing
Elegant glazing on walls and lustreous lusterstone complementing light fixture on the ceiling. Walls can be
glazed over an existing base coat of any acrylic paint for greater savings.


Glazed Woodwork
Newly constructed house at Orchard Lake Country Club features very extensive woodwork painted with
Benjamin Moore Flagship Aura paint and glazed with antique mocha glaze.

In our gallery you will find only a selection from our extensive portfolio. To schedule an appointment to view our entire portfolio in your home please call or send an e-mail.Go to the article
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Not all our customers know that Anna still finds time for her greatest passion - fine paintings on canvas. Please visit her eBay store page for an amazing selection of contemporary styles. Her paintings possess incredible depth, complexity and variation.Please visit the store by clicking here.Go to the store
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We would like to encourage you to visit our new Blog section. You will find there more info on our current projects and some discusion on faux related topics. Anna just recently took part in 2011 Faux Expo in Florida. She brought some new products and knowlage and lots of pictures.Go to the blog
We would like to encourage you to visit our new Blog section. You will find there more info on our current projects and some discusion on faux related topics. Anna just recently took part in 2011 Faux Expo in Florida. She brought some new products and knowlage and lots of pictures.Go to the blog

We recently took part in one of the largest faux events in the United States. The Faux Expo took place on Manhattan in famous Javits Convention Center. The Faux Finishing and Decorative Painting Expo or "Faux Expo" is a gathering of some of the best Decorative and Faux Finish Painters in the World. It's purpose is to educate the Faux Finish and Decorative Painting community and increase awareness of Faux and Decorative Finishes to the market throughout the United States while creating a fun and conducive learning environment for the craft of Decorative Painting to flourish. The Faux Expo takes place twice annually in California and New York. The Faux Expo features guest speakers from the Faux Finish and Decorative Paint industry who have established themselves as leaders in the field. This year speakers included Pierre Finkelstein, Nicola Vigini, Melanie Royals, Dean Sickler, Rebecca Parsons and many more. While these speakers come from all walks of the Faux Finish and Decorative Painting industry (from artists to Faux Finish Studios to manufacturers to Decorative Painting Organizations), they are all there to promote Faux Finishing and Decorative Painting as a whole. Thus, they speak on growing your business, trends in the industry and how the marketplace has evolved over the past several years. Market research and hard numbers are presented in some of the lectures as further solid evidence for the listeners. Additionally, the Faux Expo plays host to a myriad of Faux Finish and Decorative Paint studios, manufacturers and retailers.

Here are some pictures we have taken during the expo:

Sepp Leaf Booth Cutting genuine gold gilded cake for..... consumption. It was very good and I just learned that you can eat precious metal leaf. You can't though eat size, so don't use it for this particular application.

Sean Crosby Painting a mural during his class (which we attended) with Pascal Amblard at the Faux Expo. Sean is an artist associated with The Finishing School, New York and Pascal operates studio and school in Paris.

Nicola Vigini, Sean Crosby and Pascal Amblard during work on a collaborative mural. Pierre Finkelstein who painted wonderful faux marble blocks on the sides also joined them in the effort.

Another work of Pascal Amblard. This particular mural you could take home for only $4000.

And the finished mural.

Another great artisan from Europe. Michel Nadaï is an award winning Decorative Painter and instructor, running a successful decorative painting business and school in the Southwest of France. We attended his class at Faux Expo.